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The business of pet photography.


I know I have talked about this before, but it bears repeating. If you want potential clients to be able to contact you, you have to provide an easy way for them to do that. I see far too many photographers with websites and business cards that do not make it easy to contact them. What’s…

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What Name Should I Use? | Learn Dog Photography

I frequently get the question asking what name should be used when registering images with the Copyright Office. People want to know if they should use their own name or the name of their company. The answer to that question is, it depends. If you register the images in the name of your company, then when…

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Managing Expectations | Learn Dog Photography

When I hear about a photographer telling about a  client that was annoyed or angry at them for something, most often it can be traced back to unmanaged expectations. In other words, you didn’t prep your client to expect something in particular. Most people don’t like surprises. I know I don’t. Okay, surprise birthday parties…

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