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In the Sales Room Pt 1 | Learn Dog Photography

When you are in the sales room you need to limit the number of images you show to the client. Show too many and it will lead to indecision. There are too many “good” ones and the client can’t choose. But this post is not about why you should limit the number of images you show, but is a discussion about which images you should consider showing. Specifically I am talking about the strange or goofy images. Images that if they were of people you probably wouldn’t show them. But if the goofy image perfectly captures the personality of the dog, you need to show it.

I had a client who wanted a family portrait done with their dogs. I had one image where everyone was looking at the camera. It was pretty. I had another where everyone was looking at the camera except one dog. I almost didn’t show it to them since the one dog was looking away. But I included it because it really showed the dog’s personality. The client loved it ! They loved it so much that they purchased a 24 x 30 canvas of it. You never know what is going to appeal to the dog owner.

Don’t worry that the shot is not “photo competition perfect”. If it captures the personality of the dog then it is “client perfect”!

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