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In the Sales Room Pt 2 | Learn Dog Photography

It is important that you have confidence in the sales room. Confidence in your pricing. Confidence in you photography. Confidence in YOU. A client is going to sense if you are not confident about any of these items. If you hesitate too much on answering a pricing question, or talk down your photography, you let the client be in charge of the sales appointment. That’s not good.

Decide on your pricing before the sales session. Then stick to it. Say your prices with confidence. They are what they are. Do not waver. Prepare for questions you might be asked. Are there pricing exceptions you might make for returning clients or a gift you might give or a really large order? Know ahead of time what those exceptions and gifts might be and to whom you would give them.  You won’t be able to prepare for every possibility, but decide on a philosophy so when questions come up you can answer confidently.

Have confidence in your photography. You are showing only your best images from the session, right? Be sure you are. Then show your images with confidence. If the client doesn’t like some of them, that’s okay. Everyone’s taste is different. Don’t take it personally if there are some they don’t like. It’s just business. There should be others they love.

Be confident about you. Everything about you. Be properly dressed. Rehearse your sales presentation if you need to. If you feel good about what you have to offer, it will come across. Don’t be a push over. You are happy they are there and are excited to show them your images. If you aren’t, then fake it. Be a good actor until you feel that confidence come naturally.


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