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It’s the Relationships | Learn Dog Photography

I got an interesting phone call today. It was from a man who had already scheduled with, and apparently paid, another pet photographer in town and he was thinking of backing out. He said he wasn’t so sure about doing the session outside or that the photographer would get the kinds of images he wanted. I assured him that the photographer was a good photographer and all he had to do was talk to her and let her know what he was looking for. He seemed reassured but it made me wonder how much they had actually talked about the session.

Then he told me what was really bothering him. He knew little about what the photographer was going to do because he had never actually talked to the photographer. All communication had been on line and not once over the phone. He had given the photographer his number, and maybe she tried to call him, but they had never actually connected. It really brought home the importance of one on one, real time communication.

All too often I found it too easy to respond to someone via email. In the old days if someone emailed me, I didn’t even suggest a phone call.

Now I do.

Every time.

I find if I have spoken with the person on the phone, I can listen to what the potential client is looking for, determine if we are a good fit and start the beginnings of a good relationship. I find that if we have spoken on the phone that the potential client has more invested in the relationship than just an email. Usually they see better the value of what I do and  that usually means they spend more.

I always think it is a good idea to do an in person design consultation before the session. But before the consultation is one (or more) good conversations on the phone to start the relationship out on the right foot!

Is there a time that talking on the phone made a huge difference in a relationship or a sale?  Comment below.


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