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Template Caution | Learn Dog Photography

When you are designing a greeting card for a client, many times it is so much easier to use a template. There are hundreds, if not thousands of templates out there. They are available in a variety of themes including Christmas, holiday, birthday, get well and so much more. They are even available with Mickey Mouse on them!


Mickey Mouse?

Yes, Mickey Mouse. Isn’t Mickey a trademarked cartoon character by the Disney company? Yes, he is and Disney fiercely protects their rights as the owner of the Mickey character. I am assuming they get big bucks to license the character for use on products and I know for sure that they restrict the products to things that represent the wholesomeness of Mickey.

Templates using Mickey and other trademarked characters are available all over the web. You have to ask yourself, did the seller properly license the character or are they just hoping they will not get caught? If the products are on a site like Etsy, I would guess the answer is the latter, they are either ignorant of the law or are hoping they won’t get caught.

If you buy and use the templates you are also guilty of trademark and maybe copyright infringement. I can tell you that you might also have a hard time finding a pro photo lab to print your cards. They don’t want any trouble either and are likely to not print your cards.

So my best advice is if you see templates using nationally recognized cartoon characters, find out if they are properly licensed before you buy. While were are at it, make sure the fonts, graphics and other elements are properly licensed too!


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