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What Name Should I Use? | Learn Dog Photography

I frequently get the question asking what name should be used when registering images with the Copyright Office. People want to know if they should use their own name or the name of their company. The answer to that question is, it depends.

If you register the images in the name of your company, then when you sell your company, the images go with the sale.  The rights to your images could make your company more valuable. On the other hand, you can’t even use them for your portfolio unless you made that a condition of the sale, or made a subsequent agreement. Basically anything that was registered with your company name, the company owns, whether you own the company any more or not.

So you say, well I am never going to sell my company. Okay. What if your company has more than you as an owner and you run into some problems? What if you get kicked out/bought out of your own company? You no longer own the rights to the images registered under the company name.

Unless you want the images to be considered the property of the company, you should register the images under your own name. Then no matter what happens to your company, you still own the rights to the images and can do what you please with them.


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