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The other day I was out driving around and saw a billboard for a new store that was opening. It was opening in an upscale mall nearby. The problem was, they only showed the name of the store as if I knew what they sold and knew all about them. I had never heard of them before. I could guess it was an upscale department or clothing store because it was in the mall, but who knows. It’s not like the name was Coca Cola or a similar name where pretty much everyone knows what it is.

That brings me to the name of your business. Do people know what it is you do by either your name or your tag line? Is your tag line on all of your marketing pieces? Is there any question about what you specialize in, or are you assuming people know what you do?

My name is “Bryant Dog Photography”. That pretty much says it all. Do I photograph other animals? Sure. But dogs are what I am known for. If your business name is “Beautiful Memories” how do I know you do pet photography? Or if it is “Sky High Dogs” how do I know that you specialize in photographing dog sports? Either your name or your tag needs to make it very clear what it is that you do. Don’t assume that people know. Most are not interested enough to go and find out. I still don’t know what that store on the billboard sells. I have not been interested enough to go find out! Don’t let your potential customers feel the same way!


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