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Think all you need is a squeaky toy and a good camera to be a dog photographer?  I’m sure it comes a no surprise that dog photography is so much more than telling a dog to “sit” and snapping the picture. Below are some tools to make your job as pet photographer much easier!


Dog photography book


Dog Photography: How to Capture the Love, Fun, and Whimsy of Man’s Best Friend My new book is available for on Amazon. The book is filled with information on understanding dog behavior for a better photo session, posing ideas, and lots of little tips on making your photo session go better. Be Sure to get yours!







The Dog Posing Book: Tips for the professional photographer on posing Fido
By Margaret Bryant   $55 USD

Whether you have photographed dogs professionally before, or are just starting out, you will learn tons of great tips on how to handle dogs during your photo shoot.

The flip book is 40 pages 5×7 and spiral bound to lay flat. Small enough to carry around in your camera bag. A closer look at the topics in the book is available here.

Countless photographers found the information I provide to be invaluable in their photography.  The flip book is filled with lots of little “I never thought of that” tips that will make your photography of dogs much, much easier. You will learn how to better handle a dog and how to make a dog look good, all taken from my many years of experience in handling and photographing dogs.

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  The Noise Maker Starter Kit  $35 USD

Think all you need is a squeaky toy  and every dog will give you great expressions? Think again! Every dog is different and you need to try different noises. I have a large collection of different noisemakers I picked up over the years. I chose my favorites and assembled this starter kit. This  kit is more than a bunch of different noise making devices in one box. It also contains instructions on the best way to use the noise makers in the box and suggestions for additional noise makers. This is the starter collection you need to begin your own collection. Benefit from my many years of experience in finding out what works and what doesn’t work. Take a look inside the box.

And if you are a baby photographer, this is a great kit for baby photographers!

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Show Lead Kit $20 USD

Show leads are an indispensable part of dog handling, especially in the studio. It is a great way to give a dog some confidence and to keep them in place. The Show Lead Kit contains one show lead and an instruction card telling you how to use the lead for optimum handing and minimum post production retouching.

Read a little more about Show Leads and how they can help you handle the dogs you are photographing.

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