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The Dog Posing Book


The Dog Posing Book: Tips for the professional photographer on posing Fido By Margaret Bryant

Whether you have photographed dogs professionally before, or are just starting out, you will learn tons of great tips on how to handle dogs during your photo shoot.

The flip book is 40 pages 5×7 and spiral bound to lay flat. Small enough to carry around in your camera bag.

Among the items covered in the book:

  • Getting your studio ready for a dog – What you need to have handy and what needs to be out of sight.
  • Tools to help with the session – Tips on tools you will find invaluable during your session
  • Choosing a location session – Not in a studio? Things to think about before doing a session on location and how you can be prepared.
  • Posing basics – How to work with the owners as well as the dogs. Lots of little tips you may have never thought about to help you with posing the dogs.
  • Collars and leashes – Do you need them or not? Most dogs look better without collar, tags and leashes but there are times when you must have a leash.
  • Noisemakers – You need much more than a squeaky toy; it doesn’t work for all dogs. Some ideas for additional noisemakers.
  • Watching for signs of stress – Be able to read dog body language and know what they are saying.
  • Using a show lead – An invaluable tool to getting a dog to cooperate.
  • When to pose a dog and when to let them do what comes naturally.
  • Posing two dogs together (a selection of images for ideas that can be applied to multiple dogs)
  • Posing groups of dogs together or individually and compositing them together

Countless photographers found the information I provide to be invaluable in their pet photography.  The flip book is filled with lots of little “I never thought of that” tips that will make your photography of dogs much, much easier. You will learn how to better handle a dog and how to make a dog look good, all taken from my many years of experience in handling and photographing dogs. Sorry! All Sold Out! Be on the look out for new books out in 2015!

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