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Shelter Photography | Learn Dog Photography

After being off for a few months, I am back to photographing for the City of Dallas Animal Shelter (Dallas Animal Services-DAS). Like many shelters, DAS realizes the benefit of having professional pet photographers donate their time to photograph their animals. The goal is to make them as attractive as possible so they can get adopted. Some…

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Talking Dog | Learn Dog Photography

Think that because you get along with your dog that you know all you need to know to handle a dog at a photo session? I’m thinking that you don’t know as much as you think you do. Unless you have been involved with dogs (more than just your dog) in training obedience or dog…

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Sit! Stay! | Learn Dog Photography

All dogs know how to sit and stay, right? Wrong! In my experience the level of training or obedience varies tremendously from client to client. I have had clients that want their dogs to “just be dogs”. Translate that to mean “no training”. Others have dogs with obedience titles. Most fall in between the two. …

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